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Linde Werdelin marks 20 years with a new Oktopus Moon

With the spectacular Oktopus Moon 3DTP Black Ink, Linde Werdelin marks its 20th anniversary.

The all-black Oktopus Moon 3DTP™ Black Ink is a special release of 20 pieces to mark the 20th anniversary of Linde Werdelin. The intense all-black, extremely non-reflective dial showcases the next generation of Oktopus, an evolution of both the Oktopus case and the moon phase complication.

With a case weight of just 60 grams, the iconic Oktopus Moon 3DTP™ Black Ink is now the lightest ever timepiece Linde Werdelin has produced (two grams less than the SpidoLite 3DTP™), making it an ideal sports and diver’s watch (waterproof until 300 meters).

Establishing a new standard for the Oktopus collection going forward alongside the Oktopus Moon 3DTP™ launched in June 2022, the bezel has been refined and is more integrated into the case, sitting at a steeper angle towards the outer case. The Oktopus case is sculpted into its signature geometric structure using a proprietary 3DTP™ carbon composite.

The bespoke LW calibre moon phase complication has taken a graphic turn, simpler and more potent to align with the architectural and masculine aesthetic of Linde Werdelin. It offers a circular pelage surface on the moon disc and Luminova graphic moons with blue full moon indicator.​

The all-black piece includes extra black dials, hands and indices and can be paired with matching natural rubber straps that are interchangeable.

This anniversary model is limited to 20 individually numbered pieces worldwide and is priced at UKP 16.000

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