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Sjöö Sandström Launches new edition of Landsort 459m

Swedish watch manufacturer Sjöö Sandström was established in 1986 and launched the first-ever Swedish diving watch “Landsort” in 2011. Sjöö Sandström now launches a new edition of the unique watch in three different styles and one limited edition model.

In close collaboration with divers from the Swedish Navy, Landsort was designed and constructed to sustain pressure at 459 meters, equivalent to the depth of the deepest ravine in the Baltic Sea with the same name. The watch was a big success and instantly became a natural part of the company’s DNA. For many years, Sjöö Sandström have worked on designing and manufacturing a sequel, and now the time has come.

  • As a Swedish manufacturer, we cherish and value nature, our surroundings, and our Scandinavian heritage, and Landsort embodies all three of these. The new models fulfill all its predecessor’s promises: to meet the Swedish Navy’s demands as well as delivering on exquisite and unique style, says Kristofer Johansson, Partner at Sjöö Sandström.

The new Landsort 459m comes in three different executions: Stainless steel with dials in black, blue, or green. The new, updated sapphire crystal bezel effectively resists scratches and marks, and the hour hand is now filled with superluminova - leaving no one wondering what the time is in dark water under the surface or in the hours of the night. The old diving helmet on the case back is our way to pay tribute to all those before us who pushed the boundaries of what is possible and developed diving to what it is today. The rubber band has an updated design alongside with the buckle. With its 42,5 mm case, the design experience is sleeker compared to the previous model of 44,2 mm. Adding to that, slimmer crown protection adds further elegance.

The legacy of Landsort is celebrated further by launching a limited edition with bronze as an incorporated material. Not only does it please the eye aesthetically, but using bronze also serves in functionality: It is one of the oldest materials in the history of humankind with qualities such as durability and flexibility, and also has strong associations to the sea with a natural resistance to the corrosive action of seawater.

Bronze changes its tone and coating over time where a brown, red or blue-to-green coating is a sign of natural corrosion - making each watch unique.

  • The design is unique and can’t be found anywhere else and the updated design is true to all elements of its predecessor, says Felix Forsmark, CEO at Sjöö Sandström.

The Limited edition Landsort 459m comes in a specially designed box with an extra rubber band, screwdriver, and a replaceable sapphire crystal bezel.

Only 100 watches are manufactured in the Landsort Limited Edition 2022.

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