If you are into watches and especially the independent watch makers you must have heard of Max Büsser and his MB&F Horological Machine wristwatches that are often inspired by space ships and his childhood love for everything science fiction. Guess what? He also made a pen with fellow Swiss manufacturer Caran d’Ache.


The inspiration of the Astrograph pen is very obvious. The details of this amazing pen reflects Büsser’s love for life in space. Not surprisingly the box is a landing pad. The slim, curved body of Astrograph looks like a space rocket and contains a total of 99 components, comprising a multitude of innovative features such as a "detent" system of vertical stabilisation, a launch-pad box and a magnetic figurine in shape of a miniature astronaut which is silver and rhodium-plated and can be attached at will to the body of the writing instrument, ready to “climb on board”.


Making the spectacular Astrograph takes more than 500 manual operations to produce each instrument, making it the most complex writing instrument ever made in the Swiss Caran d’Ache workshops.


Enjoy this film that reflects the thoughts about this unique creation.

Caran d'Ache - Astrograph Fountain Pen