Ecridor Set x HAY - Limited Edition 2017 The Americans have their basket- and baseball, the Italians, Spanich and French have their soccer and the Swedish their icehockey.

They Danes however have their HYGGE, a rather peculiar phenomenon that has captured the worldlately. And with this in mind the Danish brand HAY and Swiss Caran d’Ache hooked up and came up with tis great Ecridor set which includes a fine ballpen with a HYGGE guillochage whereas the two graphite pencils play on the elegance and sobriety of Scandinavian lines.


As if this was not enough the Ecridor set also includes two “Edge” HAY notebooks.



  • Ecridor Ballpoint pen guilloché and palladium-plated Mechanism
  • Push button Refills
  • Goliath cartridge
  • 2 Hay notebooks "Edge" pigeonblue and coral
  • 2 hexagonal graphite pencils Box (30 x 24.5 x 3 cm)


Caran d'Ache - Ecridor "Hygge" - Limited set