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We have a soft spot for everything Linde Werdelin. Not least when they launch new models. Especially new models that are inspired by past models, yet oozing of contemporary “ooooh” and “ahhhh” when sitting on our wrists.


The all new Oktopus Deep Sea is not only an extremely good-looking watch. It is also an extremely good-looking watch that takes its inspiration from a former top secret watch that was made for the Maritime special operations forces of the Danish Defence aka The Frogman Corps in 2015 and hence not available for the civilian wrist. But now 88 lucky fans of Linde Werdelin can wear a watch that is inspired by this elusive and “under the radar” model.


The new Linde Werdelin Oktopus Deep Sea offers a design that pleases not only the modern connesieur, but also the active sportsman and not least the amateur as well as professional diver. Acknowledging the muting of colours as they swim further away from the surface; everything around them becoming blurred and darker. This was the inspiration behind the Oktopus Deep Sea with its green octopus-shaped skeleton upper-dial boasting a double date, its dark sand-blasted titanium case and black ceramic bezel. 


Referencing the Oktopus Frogman: Subdued and raw, the Oktopus Deep Sea is a direct

reference to the Oktopus Frogman. The new Oktopus Deep Sea shares the same stripped back aesthetics as the Oktopus Frogman with its LumiNova numbers and indexes, sandblasted titanium case, black ceramic bezel and black rubber strap.


The Linde Werdelin interchangeable strap system:

Our unique strap attachment system allows the wearer to effortlessly switch straps. It took

years of development and design to engineer this seamless interlinking of strap and watch

case. With a titanium strap insert and unique hexagonal screws the system can withstand the

effects of most activities in the mountains or the sea. An additional benefit for our customers

who often own more than one Linde Werdelin watch; all our straps fit all of our watches.



Available to order in a Limited Edition of 88 pieces (expect 4-6 weeks delivery lead-time).


The price is inclusive Danish VAT.


Linde Werdelin - Oktopus Deep Sea