REC Watches - The Who’s & the Why’s

If you are a frequent visitor in our webshop you undoubtedly noticed that we are now offering watches from several companies now. Linde Werdelin, Richardt Mejer and REC are a part of our curated collection of cool stuff. Perhaps you know that I, Kristian Haagen, have a soft spot for everything horology. It is only natural that the webshop, which is administrated by my lovely girlfriend (so behave when you write to her), offers watches besides from watch straps, books on watches and other merchandise related to the ticking apparatuses on our wrists.

Besides from being a fan of wristwatches, I am also a fan of friendship. And when you check our collection of curated watches you will find not only great looking timepieces, but most importantly watches made by personal friends.

I have a lifelong love for everything horology and a keen eye for Scandinavian design I have followed each watch brand offered on since their very beginnings.

I have handled their prototypes and have an intimate insight in each watch brand offered here. I have shot campaign for REC watches, I know why the two talented guys from Richardt Mejer came out with their great collection and have been privileged to follow Linde Werdelin since the very start (I even launched a watch with them). When you see the current and future watch brands offered on you should know that all are carefully curated and all brands featured belong to the inner circle of trust.

See my curated REC Watches here.

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