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About Vintage

Curated by Kristian Haagen

It’s rare to see newcomers in the watch industry. Characterized by extreme craftsmanship and precision, watch-making usually finds its home in the Swiss Alps, with brands carrying several centuries worth of family history. However, occasionally, the right vision penetrates the market as a ray of light, and this is the case of Danish watchmaker About Vintage. 


Creators of the brand are childhood friends Sebastian Skov and Thomas Andersen. Driving the brand is their great passion for wrist-watches and classic design as well as their desire to fashion finely crafted timepieces. Their vision of creating an affordable dream watch – or a stand-in for the watch in the safety box – has been very successfully achieved. Consciously playing on the history-centric impulse in the world of watches, the brand has been producing timeless and Scandinavia-infused designs since their launch in early 2015 – each of their models cite in their title important moments in the history of watch-making.

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