Two Stitch Straps

Curated by Kristian Haagen

"We started off as a small group of watch enthusiasts specialized in different areas (leather production, marketing and watch industry). At one point we decided to merge our professional knowledge with our hobby and take it to the next level. Today, we came to the point where we are so pleased with our straps, that we decided to make them available to all watch enthusiasts worldwide.

"We take a pride in making our watch straps by hand from the highest quality calf leather. The process of manufacturing our straps is highly time consuming and each strap is handled with great care and attention to detail. Using only manual labour and traditional manufacturing methods, our straps are made to last. Moreover our straps get better with age. Our mission is to provide the highest quality watch straps at reasonable prices. Hence you, our buyer, get great value for your money", says Ivan Krstin from Two Stitch Straps.

See a film about Two Stitch and the way they're using traditional manufacturing methods.