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Curated by Kristian Haagen

"I bought my first mechanical watch when I was 15 years old. It was an Oris Pointer Date. I fell for the classic yet somewhat retro design of the particular watch and was very aware of the tiny “Swiss Made” print below the “6” marker", says Kristian.


"Mind you, back then (in the 1980s) quartz watches were the plat du jour and mechanical watches were very challenged. But I wanted the Oris Pointer Date for it’s traditional looks and functions."


"As we all know, mechanical watches are little wonders
full of emotional values and being able to offer a curated collection of Oris watches in our webshop is not only a privilege. It is an honour. And I hope that you will enjoy the selection of fine, Swiss mechanical timepieces from this exquisite manufacturer from the small Swiss village Hölstein

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