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Daniel Roth Tourbillon Souscription by La Fabrique du Temps

La Fabrique du Temps, under the ownership of Louis Vuitton, breathes new life into Daniel Roth's iconic designs, spearheaded by the magnificent Tourbillon Souscription

Daniel Roth, a trailblazing independent watchmaker, founded his eponymous brand in 1988 following his pivotal role in revitalizing the Breguet brand in Switzerland. Nestled in the Vallee de Joux, the heart of Swiss watchmaking, Roth swiftly gained renown for his distinctive timepieces, characterized by a unique Daniel Roth aesthetic. His style seamlessly melded historical inspiration, particularly from Abraham-Louis Breguet, with modern ingenuity embodied in the innovative double ellipse case. Designed entirely by Roth himself, these original models showcased a blend of traditional guilloche dials and blued steel hands with the singular double ellipse case, conceptualized like an artist's watercolor on paper.

The double ellipse case was the canvas for Roth's signature complications, each meticulously crafted to combine historical allure with his discerning eye for uniqueness. Launching one new complication annually, Roth built an impressive catalogue ranging from chronographs to perpetual calendars and ultra-thin watches—a remarkable feat for a fledgling Maison.

Notably, the introduction of the Tourbillon in 1989, housed in the distinctive double ellipse case, marked a watershed moment. Initially financed through a Souscription order of 25 pieces, the Tourbillon quickly became the brand's flagship model, offered in various precious metals alongside a limited stainless steel edition.

In a fitting tribute to its legacy, the revived Daniel Roth Maison unveils the Tourbillon Souscription as its inaugural creation. True to the spirit of the original yet refined in design and mechanics, this timepiece boasts an all-new in-house caliber and a signature solid gold, guilloche dial.

Retaining the classic double ellipse case with subtle enhancements to form and ergonomics, the new Tourbillon was unveiled in January 2024, with all 20 pieces set for delivery by mid-2024. The revival of Daniel Roth, supported by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, preserves the brand's legacy of exclusivity, craftsmanship, and dedication to complications, honouring the vision of Daniel Roth over three decades ago.

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