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  • Kristian Haagen

Funder Måne. More than a watch

Danish horological architect Thomas Funder, in colab with Watch Angels, brings back 1970s monocoque design in a light, modern and minimalist way. With his ergonomic and modular Funder case, Thomas Funder has not only designed a remarkable and highly recognizable watch, he has created a watchmaking platform for watch enthusiasts.

Måne. The first complication

The moon phases is the launch complication of the Funder Watches platform. An emotional complication replicates a natural phenomenon by depicting what can be seen in the sky at any given moment. Often used in classic watches, in the Måne it comes alive in a completely different way through minimalist Danish design language.

"My watches are about Minimalism. I try to reduce the design to the fun­damental, the essential. I strip away the ornamental layers that distract from the core focus. I aim to design objects that can manage the test of time and remain attractive for years to come. For me, minimalistic design becomes very inspiring when it hides complexity under the surface so that there is much more to the project than what is seen on the surface. The Funder Case and the Funder watch brand are about this." Thomas Funder

The language of functions

The Måne stands out from other moon phase watches is how the function is depicted and read. Using minimalist graphic design, Thomas Funder has created an intuitive and immediate way of reading the moon's phases. The design signature of Funder Watches gives a new language to mechanical functions.

One complication. Three ways to read the moon

By interpreting the information provided by the Sellita SW288 movement, Thomas Funder has created three different ways to read the moon's phases on the same calibre.

The Phases module depicts the moon at 6 o'clock and through 2 dots moving at the centre of the dial. The phase of the moon can be read using the traditional moon aperture or by observing the alignment of the 2 small dots.

The moon's phases are depicted using 2 dots moving at the centre of the dial. The phase of the moon is represented by the alignment of the 2 dots.

In this execution, the moon phase can be read in text using two apertures in the dial. At 12 o'clock the phase of the moon can be read, while at 6 o'clock the number of days left until the next full moon can be read.

Funder watches are composed of three elements. A complication module, a case and a strap. These elements can be seamlessly combined through a mechanical system to create a preferred configuration.

The 40.5mm Funder case, made out of grade 5 titanium, can be instantly recognized by its prominent "chimney" whose radius seamlessly disappears in the case-body, and by its polished bevels, which underline the perfect ergonomy of the lugs, which perfectly marry the shape of the wrist. The Funder case is the platform which allows watch enthusiasts to collect the different Måne modules as well as the future complications of the brand.

The 316L stainless steel Funder module encases the movement, crystal, dial and hands and assures the 10ATM water resistance. The module can be seamlessly inserted and extracted from the Funder case, which features a spring-based ring that houses and holds the module.

The Funder rubber strap can be exchanged at will to create new aesthetic combinations through its easy change system. Additionally, the standard 20mm lug allows watch enthusiasts to mount any OEM strap to create even more configuration opportunities.

The Funder Måne collection features 3 complication modules, each executed in different dial colours; 5 titanium case colours and 2 strap colours, for 80 possible configurations.

Watch enthusiasts can choose and combine the three elements in multiple ways to create their favourite watch and in 2023 they will be able to configure their Funder case with a new mechanical complication.

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