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  • Kristian Haagen

H. Moser & Cie. launches one more Watch that Celebrates Formula 1

A pop of pink: the new Streamliner Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton Alpine Limited Edition Pink Livery.

It’s precision, elegance and performance — with a pop of pink. Just in time for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, this second iteration pays homage to the traditional second livery of the BWT Alpine F1 Team and BWT’s signature colour.

In the upcoming F1 season, the BWT Alpine F1 Team's A524 will showcase two captivating liveries. Drawing inspiration from contemporary artist Felipe Pantone, both liveries feature a striking black base. The primary design combines Alpine's classic blue hues with black accents for sixteen races. 

To commemorate BWT's third year of collaboration with the Alpine F1 Team, the cars will adopt a vibrant pink livery for eight races, symbolizing the strength of this enduring partnership. In celebration of this unique alliance, we've created a timepiece reflecting both liveries' essence.

Introducing the Streamliner Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton Alpine Limited Edition, a watch that exudes the same excitement as its blue counterpart. Positioned at 12 o'clock, the skeletonized main dial is adorned with a small domed dial in synthetic corundum, showcasing the iconic pink colour of BWT. This vivid hue, complemented by the clarity of the synthetic corundum, creates a captivating visual contrast.

Accompanied by an elegant pink moulded rubber strap with a textile-like texture, this timepiece prioritizes comfort without compromising sophistication. It is a thrilling embodiment of a partnership that continuously exceeds expectations.

This head-turning piece, a limited edition of 20 pieces, will be available exclusively on the H. Moser & Cie. website.

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