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Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 – It’s a game-changer!

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to unveil three special edition watches that uphold the benefits of the recently launched AIKON #tide, combining them with the exciting world of 3x3, the global basketball format beloved by millions. Sharing the same qualities as other members of the AIKON family, these latest watches prove a game-changer both on and off the court.

A few weeks ago, Maurice Lacroix unveiled a ground-breaking new watch, the AIKON #tide. Sharing the same attributes as other members of the AIKON family, these new models are formed of ocean-bound upcycled plastic, an undisclosed formula and glass fibre. The resultant composite material is twice as hard as standard plastic, five times more resistant and has a carbon footprint significantly less than the production of virgin PET. The bezel, case, case back, crown, end-piece and buckle are all made from this composite material. It takes 17 bottles to make one watch and its tailor-made packaging which means 17 fewer bottles polluting the ocean.

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of the AIKON #tide, Maurice Lacroix now unites its innovative model with the fast-paced sport discipline of 3x3 basketball. The Swiss-based watch brand is no stranger to city life. It is the ‘Official Timekeeper of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour’, an action-packed game, played in some of the world’s most exciting, urban settings.

Born on the streets, 3x3 is now part of the Olympic program. Played worldwide, the game is broadcast in over 100 countries and watched by millions of fans around the globe. With a huge social media audience, connected fans are never far from the action. It’s an exciting domain where players cover the court with incredible alacrity. Pass or shoot, the court is an energy-packed arena where concentration is absolute and fatigue spells defeat.

The new special edition AIKON #tide FIBA3x3, brims with energy. Housed in a 40mm case, this basketball-themed watch features a flat sapphire crystal, augmenting readability, while the quartz movement delivers precision in a world where seconds count. These two models, ideally suited to court-dwellers, are available with black or white dials and come supplied on coordinating straps. The dials incorporate the ‘3x3’ logo arranged in an elaborate motif, while the case back is also embossed with the ‘3x3’ logo.

When the inaugural versions of the AIKON #tide were unveiled, they sported vibrant dial shades and funky coloured straps. Now, Maurice Lacroix returns with a further eye-popping creation, this time inspired by the official Wilson ball of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour. This new model encompasses blue, orange and yellow hues and fizzes with vitality. Again, the dial is adorned with the FIBA 3x3 logo which is also repeated on the case back.

Meanwhile, consistent with the brand’s environmentally conscious mindset, the AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 isn’t presented in excessive packaging but comes in a colour-coordinated mug that can be used again and again and….

With this latest initiative, produced with the help of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, the dynamic watch brand from the Swiss Jura has provided even more choice for members of Gen Z. Consistent with all Maurice Lacroix models, these new creations deliver high perceived value. Maurice Lacroix chose to collaborate with the FIBA 3x3 World Tour because it’s a sporting format that is urban, accessible and success-driven.

Irrespective of which special edition watch you choose to wear, you will be contributing to cleaner oceans as well as looking cool on and off the court. Quite simply, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 is a game changer!

The model will be launched at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Opener in Utsunomiya in Japan from 13th to 15th May.

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