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  • Kristian Haagen

Nivada introduces a new Salmon Dial Chronoking

The new Chronoking Mecaquartz ‘Salmon Dial’ emphasizes elegance in the 'sport-chic' category with its fresh and stylish watch face hue. Priced attractively under 500 euros, Guillaume Laidet’s latest creation is perfectly suited to complement the afterglow of a post-summer tan.

Nivada Grenchen is set to unveil its latest blend of purposeful watch design and sophisticated elegance: the Chronoking Mecaquartz ‘Salmon Dial.’ This new iteration of the iconic chrono tool watch boasts a striking salmon-hued sunburst dial, equally at home on a rugged adventure or peeking from a dinner jacket sleeve. The intense white Super-LumiNova® markers provide a sharp contrast to the dial's subtle shimmer, enhancing its refined aesthetic. The chronograph's second-hand sweeps across the watch face, adding to its cool vibe.

The 38 mm stainless steel case and black aluminium bezel, with bold numerals, emphasize both credibility and functionality. At the same time, the soft rose dial offers unexpected depth and a beautiful play of light. Beneath its elegant exterior lies a quartz movement for precise timekeeping and a mechanical chronograph module for an authentic horological experience.

Assembled in Switzerland, the Nivada Chronoking is powered by the reliable Time Module TMI VK63A mecaquartz movement. This hybrid movement combines quartz precision with the charm of mechanical elements, offering three years of maintenance-free operation. The chronograph hand moves with the smoothness typical of traditional watches. Guillaume Laidet, CEO of Nivada Grenchen, states, “By incorporating a battery and quartz, we can achieve a slimmer profile without compromising precision, all at an affordable price.”

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