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  • Kristian Haagen

NOMOS introduces new Orion neomatic in Three Sizes

The Glashütte manufacturer goes for elegance in three sizes with their new black Orion neomatic.

The Orion neomatik new black is a superb choice for both ladies and gentlemen, seamlessly complementing black-tie attire and adding that extra touch to complete any ensemble. With its harmonious shape, this Glashütte automatic watch is available in three classic sizes, 36.4 mm, 38.5 mm and 40.45 mm, each featuring three refined designs. Stripped to the essentials, it embodies style, composure, and beauty, making it an elegant addition to any outfit.

This timepiece speaks volumes without uttering a word—maintaining complete discretion in its expression. It communicates impeccable manners at formal events and exudes elegant poise on any grand stage. It silently conveys a sense of sophistication, refined taste, and the pleasure of good company.

Featuring a patented date mechanism, the prominent date window at three o'clock is a distinctive element of the NOMOS caliber DUW 6101. This innovative design places the date ring on the outside, allowing for a large and easily readable display. The date numerals, presented in rich gold against a deep black background, ensure perfect legibility.

Adding to its universal charm, the Orion neomatik new black boasts all-around appeal. The black galvanized dial incorporates gold and silver details, contributing to its versatile and attractive aesthetic.

Elegance personified: The stainless steel case of the Orion neomatik new black boasts a harmonious lenticular shape, perfectly complemented by a domed sapphire crystal and a similarly curved dial.

Streamlined sophistication: Only NOMOS Glashütte's automatic watches possess such a slender silhouette. The high-performance calibre, featuring a bidirectional winding rotor, measures a mere 3.2 millimetres in height. Paired with the case's slim profile of 8.5 millimetres, the Orion neomatik new black achieves a refined and minimalist aesthetic.

A wrist gala: Adorned with a leather strap crafted from black Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, this softly rounded automatic watch epitomizes outstanding elegance, making it a gala for the wrist.

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