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  • Kristian Haagen

Norqain Norteq – the ultimate high-performance sports watch

After two years of close collaboration between Jean-Claude Biver, our team and the best Swiss suppliers, the ultimate high-performance sports watch is finally here!

The NORQAIN Independence collection expands with a line featuring four ultra-robust, ultra-light Wild ONE timepieces. This concept was designed for sports-enthusiast NORQAINERS around the world. NORTEQ is our proprietary carbon fibre composite material that is six times lighter than steel, 3.5 times lighter than titanium and, marking a world premiere in the watch industry, available in different colours.

The case has separate top and bottom NORTEQ parts, developed by strategic partner BIWI, which serve as a protective cage and are connected and secured with custom-made screws. Between these parts is a rubber shock absorber surrounding a titanium container that ticks the NN20/1 Manufacture Calibre.

The BIWI rubber bumper reliably absorbs shocks during even the most extreme activities – like when a wearer rides a mountain bike, skis an exhilarating downhill slope or runs an ambitious trail. This unique case concept makes the Wild ONE the ultimate high-performance sports watch, exceeding industry standards for shock absorption.

The three-level laser-cut dial features an intricate mandalalike pattern of NORQAIN’s mountain-inspired double-N logo. Each level is separated by 0.05mm, giving the pattern an eye-catching 3D effect.

The fourth model in the NORQAIN Wild ONE collection has been designed with our international ambassador, Dean Schneider. As teased in 2021, this black NORTEQ creation, limited to 500 pieces, incorporates a piece of Dean’s wildlife: the vegan sand-coloured rubber shock absorber has been mixed with sand from his Hakuna Mipaka oasis in South Africa, which creates a unique speckled design. The black dial is decorated with a lion fur pattern and the sanctuary’s spear-and-shield logo.

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