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  • Kristian Haagen

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon

The Swiss manufacturer celebrates the Chinese New Year with a powerful limited edition Excalibur.

Roger Dubuis welcomes the Lunar New Year with the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon, a testament to tourbillon craftsmanship that encapsulates strength and innovation. Inspired by the Year of the Dragon, this timepiece embodies Roger Dubuis' unrestrained spirit and artistic expression in Hyper Horology™.

In tribute to the Lunar New Year, the Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon captures the dragon's traits with intelligence, charisma, and confidence. Crafted with 27 brass pieces in black lacquer and pink gold treatment, the dragon showcases a dynamic 3D vision on 25 levels.

Flipping the watch reveals the same dragon metallized inside the caseback's sapphire crystal, emphasizing Roger Dubuis' dedication to innovative design.

The RD512SQ Calibre is optimized with 72 hours of power reserve. To resist surrounding forces, the Flying Tourbillon includes an upper cage in non-magnetic Cobalt Chrome, and a lower cage in titanium – also non-magnetic and twice lighter than steel.

Marking the rare Year of the Dragon, the 42 mm Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon is a limited edition of 28 pieces, showcasing a powerful tribute with an intricate portrayal of the dragon and the pinnacle of modern tourbillon design.

A skillfully balanced creation, it seamlessly intertwines performance and beauty in a truly exceptional manner.

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