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  • Kristian Haagen

The Limited Edition 1970s Vulcain Chronograph is Back in Green

Embrace the essence of vitality and renewal with the Chronograph 1970s, where green emerges as the avant-garde expression of modernity.

This isn't just any shade of green—it's a symphony of depth and intrigue, hinting at heritage and innovation.

With its captivating hue, the dial evokes the spirit of rebirth and growth, resonating with timeless and contemporary stories. From the iconic British Racing Green to the echoes of cultural narratives, this shade invites exploration and discovery.

But the Chronograph 1970s's allure extends beyond its captivating color. Its distinctive "Step-Case" design, measuring 38 mm in diameter and 12.40 mm in thickness, challenges convention and ignites a sense of adventure. Beneath the surface, the manual SW510 M BH movement fuels its swift precision, boasting a remarkable 63-hour power reserve.

With each tick of the Chronograph 1970s, immerse yourself in a world where tradition meets innovation and where the colour green isn't just a hue—it's a gateway to endless possibilities.

This model is limited to 200 pieces.

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