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  • Kristian Haagen

Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono "Cycling Edition"

Tudor pedals on with their successful Pelagos FXD. This new cycling-themed chronograph is a testament to lightweight design and functional excellence.

Crafted with the grit and determination of professional cyclists in mind, TUDOR introduces the all-new Pelagos FXD model, tailored for the riders of the TUDOR Pro Cycling Team.

Embodying the fearless ethos of a team that conquers some of the most gruelling cycling races worldwide, including the prestigious Giro d'Italia, starting in 2024, this watch is a true companion to the daring spirit of professional cycling.

In professional cycling, where every pedal stroke pushes the boundaries of human endurance, and danger looms at every turn, a timepiece engineered for this elite sport must meet exceptional durability and ease of use standards.

Recognizing that carbon fibre is synonymous with speed and agility in cycling, TUDOR has opted for a carbon composite case for the Pelagos FXD Chrono "Cycling Edition."

What sets the "Cycling Edition" apart is its unique presentation of the scale, tailored to the speeds sustained by cyclists. The chronograph scale spirals around the dial, allowing riders to easily gauge their average speeds with a glance. Additionally, the tachymeter function has been intricately designed for cycling, further enhancing the watch's utility on the road.

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