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  • Kristian Haagen

Vanguart unveils a new Vanguart Orb Tourbillon

Vanguart introduces the Orb, a groundbreaking hand-finished flying Tourbillon movement that seamlessly transitions between automatic and manual modes.

This innovative timepiece embodies the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Haute Horlogerie.

Creative Director Thierry Fischer describes the Orb as a harmonious blend of past relics and future visions, showcased through its sleek, symmetrical design. The hand-decorated case features intricate angles and details, crafted using a combination of sandblasting, satin-finishing, and mirror polishing, mirroring the aesthetics of the movement within.

Symmetry and balance are central themes in the open-worked movement design and dial display, creating layers of depth within the watch's 10.5 mm height. The superluminova hands, hour markers, and automatic flying tourbillon and winding barrel are accentuated by a unique sloped titanium track for the orbital oscillating mass.

This track animates the diamond-set orbital mass when transitioning between manual and automatic modes, making it float within the timepiece. CEO Axel Leuenberger emphasizes Vanguart's commitment to technological advancement, user engagement, and exquisite craftsmanship, which is evident throughout the Orb's development.

“For the Vanguart Orb we consciously took the time to refine every detail, seeking ideal symmetry and proportions throughout each element of the case, movement and dial display. We aimed to merge futuristic aspects with traditional finishes and techniques into a harmonious, coherent design. The automatic winding system with its orbital oscillating mass provides both tactile and visual ways to engage with the timepiece.”

Chairman, Mehmet Koruturk continues “Our new model, the Vanguart Orb, will help strengthen our position in the Haute Horlogerie segment by enriching our collection with a model that fuses elegance and futurism in a unique way. The Orb is an expression of our long-term vision and our commitment to develop exceptional creations that broaden the appreciation of modern watchmaking by introducing new possibilities”.

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