Watch Accessories

A unique Watch Box and a camouflage Watch Roll

Talking to watch aficionados, it is the true love and fascination for artisanship that strikes you. The way tiny parts must fit perfectly to make the watch run smoothly and the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. The legacy of all the men and woman that made that happen over time. The care-taking of the watch once purchased. It is a never-ending love story.
That is why the exquisite box-making company August Sandgren and watch connoisseur Kristian Haagen have co-created The Watch Box. Created for the collector of exquisite wristwatches who appreciates artisanship, simplicity and quality. Nothing is left to coincidence.

From the leather on the outside that resists the handling of the box and the delicate nubuck on the inside to embrace the softness and safety that represents the actual care-taking of the watches. Furthermore, the leather handle that makes The Watch Box possible to store in the safe or at the bookshelf as well as the closing mechanism that replaces the magnets, to ensure no interference with the mechanical movements in the watches.

For the smaller collection or on the move Kristian designed a 2-slot Watch Roll in his favorite colour: camouflage.

The 2-slot Camo Watch Roll is hand-made in leather with orange suede inside creating a unique storage for two of your favorite timepieces. Produced in a very limited number, the Camo Watch Roll will not last long and also will not be reproduced.