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  • Kristian Haagen

HYT Celebrates its 12th Anniversary in an Innovative! Unconventional! Unexpected! Way

“Our innovative spirit drives us to transcend technological boundaries.”

Experience a refined, more compact diameter. Embrace an ergonomic redesign crafted for ultimate comfort. Immerse yourself in a neo-classical colour palette that captures the spirit of the times.

The new T1 SERIES seamlessly blends HYT's pioneering hydromechanical technology with an enticing array of horological complications yet unveiled.

This latest collection marks a significant evolution, meeting the anticipation of the brand's devoted community, eagerly awaiting the next breakthroughs from the Neuchâtel-based Manufacture of hydromechanical horology.

The initial four references, set to debut in Geneva in April 2024, promise to propel innovation enthusiasts to uncharted territories while paying homage to a decade of unparalleled creativity in watchmaking.

"Innovation thrives when passion ignites." This maxim perfectly encapsulates the driving force behind HYT since its establishment in 2012.

HYT has been boldly exploring new avenues of horological expression for over a decade, mastering its technological prowess with unparalleled finesse. Drawing from this wealth of experience, HYT embarks on a new journey, remaining steadfast in its identity forged in the demanding world of haute horlogerie.

HYT's DNA is rooted in questioning the status quo and challenging norms. Our motto embodies the spirit of audacity and innovation at the heart of HYT. The Conical Tourbillon collection, for instance, has sparked a growing demand for innovative, top-quality watchmaking, exemplifying HYT's ability to blend tradition with the avant-garde seamlessly.

Today, a fresh wave of creativity sweeps through the brand. For the first time since its inception, the micro-manufacture of HYT fluidic technology unveils a collection boasting more compact dimensions, a neo-classical demeanour, and an even stronger emphasis on horological substance.

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