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  • Kristian Haagen

Louis Moinet launches a Double Satellite Tourbillon

There´s never a dull moment with Swiss manufacturer Louis Moinet. Always playing with materials, dials and mesmerizing movements and complications.

Louis Moinet blends pioneering mechanics with premium materials to create the ASTRONEF TECHNO, embodying innovation and expression. Featuring a silicon wafer engraved with microelectronic circuits and a double satellite tourbillon, this timepiece introduces a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Echoing Louis Moinet's legacy of pushing boundaries in watchmaking, the ASTRONEF TECHNO ventures into new horological frontiers. Its two satellite tourbillons rotate around the dial in a captivating ballet, synchronized every three minutes and twenty seconds for unparalleled precision.

The movement of the ASTRONEF TECHNO is equally remarkable, boasting a 48-hour power reserve and the LM 105 caliber with sixteen ceramic ball bearings. Innovations like the redesigned crown, controlled by a selector integrated into the case back, further enhance its functionality.

Crafted with imaginative engineering, the case combines a sapphire band, flange, and top with a grade-5 titanium frame, featuring open-worked lugs for added lightness and avant-garde aesthetics.

By marrying cutting-edge materials with intricate mechanics, the ASTRONEF TECHNO transforms into a dynamic work of art. Its silicon wafer dial, adorned with microelectronic circuits, interacts with the tourbillons to create a kaleidoscope of sparkling reflections, ushering in a new era of horology where technology and artistry harmonize seamlessly.

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