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  • Kristian Haagen

Patek Philippe Surfing the California Waves

Patek Philippe launches “Morning on the Beach” as part of their Rare HandCrafts collection.

This exclusive series of ten watches features a dial crafted with intricate wood marquetry, showcasing a surfer anticipating the waves on a California beach.

To capture every detail of this scene, including the interplay of light and shadow on the surfer and the gentle ripples of the waves, the marquetry artisan meticulously assembled 100 miniature veneer pieces and 75 intricate inlays. These elements, spanning 23 different wood species with various colours, textures, and grains, combine to create a vivid and lifelike depiction.

The dial is adorned with Dauphine-style hands in white gold, featuring a pierced centre fillet for added elegance.

Offered in white gold, the watch boasts a sapphire crystal case back protected by a hinged dust cover, offering a glimpse of the calibre 240 ultra-thin self-winding movements.

Completing the sporty aesthetic is a calfskin strap embossed with a blue Cordura pattern, accented with cream hand-stitching, and secured with a white gold prong buckle.

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