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  • Kristian Haagen


The Swiss manufacturer launches the wonderful TIPO CP-2 CAIRELLI in their Icon Collection, which is fully restored and certified by the Manufacture’s Heritage Department.

Produced for the Italian army corps during the period from 1968 to 1972 and distributed through the esteemed Roman retailer A. Cairelli, the 38 mm Tipo CP-2 chronograph was meticulously designed to meet military specifications, emphasizing enhanced legibility.

Noteworthy for its rotating bezel, this timepiece distinguishes itself with luminescent Arabic hour numerals and hands, serving as an inspirational source for modern ZENITH Pilot creations.

The featured example in this collection bears the distinction of being engraved with an A.M.I military serial number, indicating its initial assignment to the Italian Flying Corps.

Powered by Zenith's 146 DP manual-winding chronograph caliber, originally developed by the Martel Workshops, which had previously supplied Cairelli with other chronographs for the Italian Army.

Notably, Martel was later acquired by Zenith in 1959-1960, solidifying the historical lineage of this exceptional timepiece.


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