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  • Kristian Haagen

Introducing the Baltic MR Roulette: A Blend of Classic and Modern Design

The MR Roulette perfectly embodies both classic and contemporary inspirations.

The MR Roulette features a 36mm steel case with a vertically brushed bezel, harmonizing with the circular-brushed top of the lugs. The 44mm horizontally brushed case side adds an elegant, balanced contrast to the overall design. Beneath the high-domed glass, a timeless aesthetic unfolds, seamlessly blending past and present.

The dial, dressed in a grained background (glossy for the Black model), showcases two brushed sectors with the railroad track and hour markers in a specially developed serif typography. The off-center seconds sub-counter boasts a guilloché finish, while faceted, polished dauphine hands display the time. This thoughtful composition offers a rich interplay of textures and captivating visual depth.

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